G96 PRODUCTS: G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil 4 oz TSE##20535

Product Code:1053
Type:Shooting Accessories
Sub Type:Benches and Rests




G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil has been approved by the U.S. Army for the 21st Century &ndash Mil-Spec MIL-PRF-63460F (Type A). Click here to see our approval letter. Click here to see the CLP Qualification Update Letter.

Please visit the FAQ section for additional information.

Available in .5 fl. oz. bottle with twist cap and 4 fl. oz. bottle with a twist cap.
G96 stock ## 1070 (.5 fl. oz. bottle) and ## 1053 (4 fl. oz. bottle)

Cleaner: Significantly improves clean up after firing.
Lubricant: Original tolerances will be maintained longer under extreme conditions
Preservative: Unique combination of additives protect and bond to metal yet it is safer for the environment than most other additives.
Safe for use on polymers.

Directions for use:
If necessary, clean firearm first using G96 Bore Solvent or G96 Crud Buster. Apply G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil to bore, barrel actions, slide rails, trigger assemblies, and all moving metal surfaces. Dampen a cloth with G96 Synthetic Gun Oil and wipe down leaving a protective coating. Please refer to your firearm&rsquos owners manual if necessary. Please refer to the FAQ section for additional information.

Bilingual packaging is also available for Canada. Please specify when ordering.

Please note: A valid PAL license will be required at checkout to purchase specific items according to Canadian firearms regulations.

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