PRIMAX: Baby/ Toddler Hearing Protection - White

Type:Firearm Safety




An infant's and toddler's hearing is precious and preserving it from loud, harmful noises is critical. Lucid Audio's HearMuffs are advanced hearing preservation for young ears. Our passive noise reduction protects your child's hearing from loud, potentially harmful noises. Whether at a sporting event, concert or any time your child needs a quiet environment, Lucid Audio's HearMuffs comfortably silence loud sounds.

Our HearMuffs have an adjustable headband that fits a wide range of children's head sizes paired with our patent pending infant GrowBand that provides a comfortable fit from birth to four years of age. The HearMuffs are made of child-safe materials and the GrowBand has a reversible, machine washable design.

Please note: A valid PAL license will be required at checkout to purchase specific items according to Canadian firearms regulations.

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