FABARM: AXIS RS-12 Sporting Black Q.R.R - 12Ga - 32"

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The Axis RS12 is the world's most versatile target shotgun. It is designed from the ground up for shooters who want one gun that can be configured for various styles and disciplines. Whether you shoot Sporting Clays, FITASC, Skeet or Trap - The Axis RS12 has you covered.

Incorporated in this Axis RS-12 is an extensive list of features that make the Axis an outstanding value. At the top of this list is the unique Q.R.R (Quick Release Rib) design. By making the top rib easily interchangeable, the shotgun can be configured as a high rib trap gun or a low rib sporting model in just a few moments. The standard offering includes two ramp style ribs one low with a 50/50% point-of-impact and a second 15mm high rib with 65/35% regulation.

The Axis also includes our new Tribore free floating barrels for improved balance and performance. Why put free floating barrels on a shotgun? This allows each barrel to heat and cool completely independantly of eachother- This means reduced stress and  longer barrel life! The Free Floated Barrels have an added benefit of cutting down on mirage on those hot days shooting in the sun. 

The Micro Metric adjustable stock comb allows the shooter to tune in the perfect sight picture. No more messing with spacers, or washers- the Micro Metric stock features a set and forget adjustment system that allows for a full range of 3 dimentional movement of the comb to truely dial in the perfect fit for your shotgun. 

Additionally included are 5 x 97mm Exis HP hyperbolic choke tubes. You will love how these pattern! No longer worry about expensive after market chokes- These are the longest factory choke tubes on the market and in combination with the over-pressure tested 1630 BAR barrels allow for even steel shot to be used with up to a Full Choke. 

With an adjustable trigger, delivered in a hard molded case, the Axis RS-12 is everything you need to turn any clay on any range into dust! 

The Axis RS-12 is rounded off with an ellegant selection of premium hand oiled walnut furniture that makes this gun look as good as it shoots. 


  • 5x 97mm Exis HP Chokes (CYL - IMP CYL - MOD - IMP MOD - FULL) 
  • 50/ 50 Q.R.R. Rib
  • 63/ 35 Q.R.R. Rib
  • Hard Sided Gun Case
  • Choke Wrench
  • User Manual/ Warranty Card/ Proof Test


GAUGE12 GA 2-3/4
TRIGGERRacing Adjustable
LENGTH OF PULL375mm / 14.76"
RECIEVERForged Steel
BARRELSTribore Floating HP
STOCK FINNISHHand Oiled Walnut
STOCK TYPEMonte Carlo Adjustable
FRONT SIGHTWhite Round Bradley Style
CASEHard Molded Adaptive Case
WEIGHT3.65kg - 3.75kg

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