SAVIOR EQUIPMENT: Discreet Ultimate Guitar Hard Case, Black, 45"

Type:Shooting Accessories





You don't need to be part of a mariachi band to carry this guitar case around. The Ultimate Guitar Case gives your firearm the protection of a hardcase in a fun and stylish form factor! 

Disguise yourself as someone with musical talent with the Ultimate Discreet Guitar Case from Savior Equipment!


  • Discreet Guitar Hardcase
  • Fully Customizable Layout
  • Configure your gear
  • Outline your layout
  • Cut the foam
  • 3 Thick Foam Inserts
  • Allows you alternate between different layouts
  • Lockable
  • Imported



  • Full Size - 46'' H x 18'' L x 6'' W
  • Internal Size - 45'' H x 17'' L x 5' W
  • 3x Interior Foam - 45'' H x 1.5'' W


  • High-Impact Polymer Shell
  • Polyurethane Ester Foam Sheets
  • 6 Latches
  • Top Drag & Side Carry Handles
  • Durable Enclosed Wheels

Canada Law Disclaimer: 

Relevant paragraphs from the Supreme Court of Canada ruling in regards to ensuring the Savour Guitar / Gun case is appropriately marked for the Canadian market:

You can find the entire ruling here:

''... A gun which is carried in a gun case will not be considered to be concealed. In the vast majority of cases, the gun carrying case will resemble the firearm itself so that it cannot be considered to be hidden. Further, wrapping a firearm in a blanket or canvas and securing it with rope as required by some provincial regulations should not be considered to be concealing the weapon. Again, in the vast majority of cases the wrapped weapon will still resemble a firearm and will not be considered to be concealed. Nor should the placing of a firearm in a locked trunk or out of sight in a locked and unattended vehicle in compliance with federal regulations be considered to be "carrying a concealed weapon" so as to infringe s. 89 of the Criminal Code. The regulation and the Code provision must be construed in a manner that avoids conflict and promotes the goals of both provisions.

Similarly, the shotgun which breaks down and is carried in a case that resembles a briefcase should not be considered concealed if the carrying case is clearly marked as a gun case. I would observe that not only would guns carried in carrying cases not be concealed but if transported in that way they will not cause the same malaise as would a naked weapon. It takes time to open a gun case, to bring out the gun and to load and use it. That is obvious to all and will ease the nervousness produced by an uncased gun...''

To ensure there is no mistaking the case as anything other than a gun case, we have attached permanently 3 ''Firearms Case'' metal plates in 3 different, prominent locations

Please note: A valid PAL license will be required at checkout to purchase specific items according to Canadian firearms regulations.

Now offering TWO exciting target sports in ONE premier location!