SIG SAUER: 308 Win 150gr Elite Series Copper Hunting

Product Code:E308H1-20




When that first shot counts, use ELITE COPPER HUNTING hunting cartridges.  ELITE COPPER HUNTING superior hunting rounds yield consistent 1.8x diameter expansion using premium-quality powders and primers for minimum velocity variation. Perfected for AR style rifle feeding, optimized nose geomtry combined with premium nickel-plated shell casings deliver consistently reliable accuracy for taking down game.


  •  Consistent 1.8x diameter expansion
  •  Minimum velocity variation
  •  Lead-free projectile
  •  AR-style rifle feeding

This 150 gr .308WIN features a muzzle velocity of 2,900 fps and a muzzle energy of 2,801 ft-lbs. It is an excellent choice for mid-sized game such as deer, antelope, hogs, and predators.

Please note: A valid PAL license will be required at checkout to purchase specific items according to Canadian firearms regulations.

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