BROWNING: Maxus Sporting Carbon Fiber 30" 12Ga 3"

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Sleek and fierce. A carbon fiber look covers the top and bottom of the receiver, the barrel and Composite stock of the new model Maxus Sporting Carbon Fiber. The very appearance, look and feel of this new Maxus model will win you over if you are looking for a light, very responsive shotgun with all the incredible features of the Maxus.

Fast, faster, fastest. You won't be getting just a fast-swinging, lightweight autoloader to carry in the field with this unique model. This new Maxus has a Lightning Trigger designed to offer a smooth, crisp feel with minimal travel. It has the patented Turn-Key Magazine Plug and Speed Load Plus.

A unique look muzzle to recoil pad. It will be an impossible task to locate an autoloading shotgun with such shooter-friendly features as the Browning Maxus, especially one with the unique appearance of carbon fiber. The look is extraordinary, and the special dipping process used to create the carbon fiber look is exceptionally durable (in a process similar to camo finishes). Browning invites you to get your hands on this new model and tell us what you think.



The traditional screw-on magazine cap has been replaced with the patented Speed Lock Forearm. This secure forearm attachment system makes taking down the Maxus for cleaning or storage fast and makes attaching or removing the sling a snap. 

The Lightning Trigger is designed to offer a smooth, crisp feel with minimal travel. With lock times averaging .0052 seconds, the Lightning Trigger is 24% faster than the nearest competing autoloader. 

The Power Drive Gas System is the finest gas system on any autoloading shotgun ever. Extensive research and testing have produced a piston design that is extremely reliable in all conditions, regardless of the heavy or light loads being used.

Load shells into an empty gun, or quickly unload a full magazine - all without manipulating the bolt

The Softest Shooting Autoloader Ever

Felt recoil is more than just an instantaneous peak force it is the total energy absorbing experience when you fire a shell. While no recoil reduction system can escape the laws of physics, the Maxus will change your mind about recoil control.

Less Muzzle Jump

Less felt recoil means less muzzle jump and that instantly translates into more birds in your bag. The Power Drive Gas System works perfectly with the Inflex Technology recoil pad to reduce muzzle jump as much as 44% compared to the competition.

Action Type: Semi-automatic
Chamber Length: 3"
Caliber: 12 Ga
Barrel Length: 30"
Overall Length: 51"
Length of Pull: 14 1/4"
Overall Unloaded Weight: 7 lbs 2 oz
Magazine Capacity: 4 for 2 3/4" shells
Barrel Material/Finish: Steel/Carbon Fiber Dip
Receiver Material/Finish: Aluminum Alloy/Carbon Fiber Dip
Stock Material/Finish: Composite/Carbon Fiber Dip
Choke System: Invector-Plus Flush
Item Number: 011609304

Please note: A valid PAL license will be required at checkout to purchase specific items according to Canadian firearms regulations.

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