PAMPEANO: Ladies Technical Polo Whites

Product Code:PAMP1
Type:Women`s Clothing
Sub Type:Bottoms






Pampeano's ladies polo whites are 97% cotton with 3% elastane. The inside leg 'lap' seam was originally created for this style because it was found to be the strongest and flattest construction. The strength of the seam is evenly distributed and top layer fabric is a mirror image of the under fabric layer. The twin needle stitch completes the seam creating a comfortable and durable finish. There is an over-edged ankle hem to relieve you of the uncomfortable pressure points when whites are folded into socks and worn with polo boots. The double belt loop at the back of the jeans will give you added strength when playing. The women's whites have a low front rise giving additional comfort both in and out of the seat, whilst the high back rise gives  discretion whilst riding. 5-pocket style with our own pampeano logo embroidered subtly onto the back pocket.

Available in sizes 8 - 16.

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