BUSHNELL: Bushnell WiFi Surveillance Camera Records Video/Audio

Product Code:119519
Type:Shooting Accessories
Sub Type:Benches and Rests




Product Highlights
-2MP Resolution
-PIR Motion Sensor with 32.8' Range
-20-LED Black No-Glow Flash - 44' Range
-Black-and-White Text LCD Screen
-Field Scan Time-Lapse Technology
-640x480p Video with Audio
-Simultaneous Video and Photo Capture
-Records to Bundled Eye-Fi Mobi WiFi Card
-Runs on 4 AA Batteries
-AC Adapter Supplied

Bushnell 119519 Overview
Capture images of wildlife, other hunters, or trespassers with this black Surveillance Cam WiFi Trail Camera from Bushnell. It features a 2MP image sensor and can also create 4MP and 6MP photos by interpolation. Additionally, it records 640x480p video with audio. The Surveillance Cam has a PIR motion sensor with a 32.8' range for capturing photos and videos in response to the movement of game or people. It also makes use of Field Scan time-lapse technology to take shots at selected intervals.

In Hybrid Capture mode, the camera records full-resolution video and photos simultaneously. It offers a flash with a 44' range and 20 black No-Glow infrared LEDs so as not to alert or spook subjects. A black-and-white text LCD screen enables menu navigation and settings selection. The Surveillance Cam records images to the included Eye-Fi Mobi SDHC memory card, which has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to enable you to view captured images on your smartphone. The camera is powered by 4 AA batteries or the included AC adapter.

2MP Sensor
Features a 2MP image sensor and can also create 4MP and 6MP photos by interpolation.

Motion Sensor
Passive infrared / PIR motion sensor with a 32.8' range detects the changes in temperature that occur when subjects move and capture images in response. Thanks to Auto PIR technology, the sensor sensitivity is regulated automatically based on temperature for more consistent functionality. 

You can also manually set the sensitivity to high, normal, or low. If you don't want the camera to fire every time it's triggered, the motion capture delay can be set at various intervals from 1 sec to 60 min, with 10 sec set as default. This will tell the camera to wait for the designated amount of time before capturing another image in response to subject movement. Additionally, the camera has a motion indicator LED.

Field Scan time-lapse technology enables the camera to take shots at selected intervals of 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, or 60 min, within the hours of your choice and for a duration of up to 24 hr. This allows you to see change over time. Because it's not dependent on game movement in order to be triggered, the time-lapse mode is capable of capturing more images than the motion-detect mode, giving you a more complete view of what's going on throughout the day and night. Additionally, the live motion trigger is still active during time-lapse capture, meaning it will still capture images whenever it senses motion.

The right directional key for menu navigation and settings selection doubles as a manual shutter release button, enabling you to take a photo the way you would with a normal camera. Shutter speed during Night Vision operation can be set to low, medium, or high, depending upon whether you want to freeze motion or capture brighter images.

Video Recording
Captures 640x480p video at 30 fps in 5, 10, or 60-sec clips, and features a built-in microphone to record accompanying audio.
Hybrid Capture Mode
Records full-resolution video and photos simultaneously each time motion sensor is triggered.

Display Screen
A black-and-white text LCD screen enables menu navigation and settings selection. You have the option of putting a date and time stamp on images so you can see exactly when they were taken. This can help you track game activity and patterns.

Infrared Night Vision flashes with 20 black No-Glow LEDs so as not to alert or spook subjects.

Memory and Wi-Fi
The included Eye-Fi Mobi SDHC memory card has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to view images from the camera on your smartphone via the downloadable Eye-Fi app for Windows/Mac and Android/iOS. You can also use an optional regular SD/SDHC card up to 32GB.

Runs on 4 disposable AA lithium or alkaline batteries or the included AC adapter with 10' power cord. The adapter should always be connected when you're using the Eye-Fi card because of the large amount of power the card draws. The camera also has a low-power indicator for the battery.

Weather-resistant design withstands the elements.
Includes post-type mount with ball head and mounting screw for camera's 1/4"-20 tripod mount. You can attach this mount to a tree using screws. Also supplied is an adjustable web belt, which fits through the brackets on the back of the camera and wraps around a tree or post for mounting. An optional security case and cable lock are available to prevent theft or tampering.

USB port for image transfer to computer.

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