BUSHNELL: Nitro 1800 6x24 Rangerfinder

Product Code:LN1800IGG
Dept:Optics and Sights




Bushnell's Nitro 1800 laser rangefinder packs a punch with all new features including integrated bluetooth and applied ballistics that connect to your smartphone. The 24mm objective paired with an all-glass optical system gives you twice the brightness adding critical time to your hunt at dusk and dawn. This powerhouse ranges reflective targets up to 2,000 yards. The EXO barrier repels water, dirt, debris, oil, and fog from ruining your hunt. Brush, bullseye and scan modes ensure you'll always range what you're after.
Integrated bluetooth and applied ballistics
2x brighter than other rangefinders
Measures distance up to 2,000 yards
ARC technology provides true distances
Selectable reticle
EXO Barrier
Brush, Bullseye and SCAN modes

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