HOPPE`S: Hoppe's Elite Gun Oil 4 oz Bottle TSE####24744

Product Code:GO4CN
Type:Shooting Accessories
Sub Type:Benches and Rests


Uses a thin coat technology, spreading the gun oil evenly in a micro-fine layer. This provides superior lubrication and corrosion protection. Traditional oils tend to puddle, not fully coating or protecting the firearm, leaving it vulnerable to rust and potential malfunction.

Hoppe's Elite Gun Oil's exceptional coating technology provides effective, long-lasting protection for your firearm.  High performance and accuracy are crucial to serious shooters

Now you can count on Hoppe's Elite gun oil to bring you the most advanced technology in firearm care and cleaning Today. Hoppes Elite gun oil meets the demands of professional shooters, military, and law enforcement by providing advanced cleaning and lubrication technology.

Provides superior lubrication and corrosion protection
Repels dirt, carbon, and other contaminants
Creates a micro-fine layer of oil all over the surface
Uses super slick technology that eliminates any puddles in the bore
Includes one 4 oz. bottle

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