FROG LUBE: Frog Lube Frog Wipes 5 pack Minty Fresh! TSE####8942

Product Code:14926
Type:Shooting Accessories
Sub Type:Benches and Rests


Clean, Lubricate and Protect your gun with these convenient fresh scented wipes.
-Cleaner-Lubricant -Protectant, 5-sheets of 8 x 8 Pre-Moistened Wipes
-The Power of Froglube in a Wipe, Food-Grade Ingredients
-Eats Rust, Dissolves Carbon, Allows Seasoning into Metal
-New Cutting Edge, Wipes out the competition, IT JUST WORKS!
-Can be Cut to Any Size!

Product description
NEW Pre-Moistened Wipes Saturated With the Power of Froglube CLP. This product is a cutting edge biodegradable lubricant made from "food-grade" ingredients products in the USA using a proprietary formula. It is a non-toxic substance that dissolves carbon, grease, and sludge on contact. It has a heavy specific gravity which allows it to "season" the metal through absorption deep into the pores and results in a durable slippery surface that reduces friction. Metal, plastic, urethane, nylon or other durable surfaced treated with FROGLUBE are rejuvenated, preserved and will give extended years of service. FROGLUBE will not harm the environment. It can be disposed of without the need of HAZMAT controls. If used in the workplace, employees will be protected from the effects of other toxic chemicals. Includes 1 package of 5 sheets.

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