FARM TO FEET: Women`s Madison Socks

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Farm To Feet Socks: Women&##39;s 8592 450 USA Made Merino Wool Blend Hiking Socks
They say that products made in the USA are the greatest, second to none. When you put your feet into these American-Made socks, you&##39;ll know why. These Farm to Feet 8592 450 Women&##39;s Blue Madison USA-Made Merino Wool Crew Hiking Socks are soft, strong, easy to wear, and made to feel amazing.

Black accents, including heel and toe accents and a stripe up the side, add contrast to the blue material of these Farm to Feet socks. That material, by the way, is largely comprised of lightweight, warm Merino wool. The 74% Merino wool is from the US. Warming Merino is insulating and soft, but it performs like athletic wear. Merino actually wicks moisture from your skin, so you stay dryer and skin stays healthier when you wear these women&##39;s socks.

The rest of the design is 25% nylon that was made in the USA. Abrasion-resistant nylon is light and airy and adds plenty of strength to these Merino wool socks. The 1% spandex keeps everything feeling stretchy and flexible. The Farm to Feet logo near the toes adds one last detail that you can see.

The other details need to be felt to be appreciated. These Madison socks are made in a medium-weight crew design that&##39;s just long enough to give you coverage, but not too long to be uncomfortable. Full-density cushioning from top to toe keeps the fit feeling soft everywhere. In fact, these blue socks are made for a 100% compression fit. That means they fit close, but they don&##39;t restrict movements.

Even the toe closure is completely seamless, and that makes it totally smooth against your feet. Farm to Feet 8592 450 Women&##39;s Blue Madison USA-Made Merino Wool Crew Hiking Socks are smooth, soft, and comfortable everywhere. If that&##39;s not amazing, what is?

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