FABARM: XLR 5 Velocity - 12ga

Product Code:8053670269736


Starting with the barrel, this semi-automatic shotgun is chambered solely for 2¾-inch shells and its gas system is tuned to positively cycle 7/8- to 11/8-ounce target loads. It is a common misconception that it is the payload of shot that governs positive cycling in a gas-operated shotgun. It is not rather, it is the pressure of the gas at the gas ports and how much of that pressure is imparted to the gas system that determines how well a shotgun will cycle different loads. 

All XLR5 barrels use Tribore HP of Fabarm technology that begins at the chamber mouth with a very long forcing cone leading to the cylindrical portion of the barrel, which is bored to 0.740 inches (18.8 mm), 15 thousandths wider than the standard 0.725-inch, 12-gauge bore. Nearing the choke, the barrel begins an 8-inch taper to the screw-in choke tubes. FABARM uses a parabolic profile for its choke tubes that continue the taper to the actual choke constriction. This style of barrel boring enhances patterning by cutting down on shot deformation as it provides a more gentle path through the barrel. The choke tubes are numbered from cylinder to 10. We shot the number 5 tube, which measured 0.015 inches of constriction, or lightly modified, a choke favored by many sporting clay shooters. The average of 10 patterns shot at 40 yards with Federal&rsquos Estate loads containing 1 ounce of No. 8 shot was 47.5 percent, right where light modified should fall, just shy of midway between improved cylinder (45) and modified choke (55) percentages.


  • Gauge: 12, 2¾ only
  • Trigger: 4-lb., 6-oz. pull
  • Magazine: four-shot tubular
  • Barrel: 30 (tested), 32 Tribore HP bore with screw-in chokes
  • Sights: 7/16- to 5/16-wide tapered ventilated rib (adjustable on some models) with steel center bead and white Bradley-style front bead.
  • Stock: hand oil-finished Turkish walnut, Monte Carlo-style with comb adjustable for drop and cast length of pull, 14¾ drop at comb, 15 drop at heel, 27.
  • Overall Length: 50½
  • Weight: 8 lbs., 9.6 ozs.
  • Metal Finish: matte-finished receiver and barrel, receiver black anodized aluminum, barrel blued matte black.
  • Accessories: Five EXIS HP choke tubes, choke tube wrench, owner&rsquos manual, Allen wrenches, hard plastic case

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