Sponsorships and Donations

The Shooting Edge is actively involved in our community and we welcome sponsorship or donation requests to assist in fundraising efforts for your charitable cause. We give priority to organizations within Calgary and to organizations that align with our corporate philosophies. We will not support organizations that take a stance against firearms or firearm ownership in any manner.

We receive a large number of requests, and in an effort to reduce the time needed to approve a potential sponsorship we ask that you fill out the form below with a description of your event, charity, non-profit, or fundraiser; your contact information; and the date and time of your event. Please also upload a letterhead document containing your contact information, and all relevant information about your cause and the day of the event.

We will respond to all requests and will proceed with a sponsorship or donation accordingly upon viewing the request. We require at least 14 days’ advance notice in order to process your request.

Thank you for supporting a good cause, and we hope we can help you in your fundraising efforts.

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